TLC Flash 101


Flash fiction and nonfiction is a highly popular yet misunderstood form of writing, The common misconception is that it is easy to write because it is short (1000 words or less), but creating a successful piece of flash is incredibly hard if you don’t know how or what makes flash work as a story or narrative. This 6-week course will introduce you to the form, the tenets of flash, and provide you with an opportunity to read flash from writers successful in the genre and write your own pieces.

For many writers, Flash is an entry point to publication, a way to get your name out into the world, build a reputation and a fan base. For writers of color, publishing flash is a way to get your foot in the door of many hard to access journals and literary magazines that, to be frank, may turn down a longer piece of prose because they don’t understand the point of view. This course is designed to give writers of color a leg up in the flash submission queue while also exposing them to other writers of color who have worked and been successful in the genre.



Application and Course Details:

  • 6 week course from 9/13-10/18 with 2 hour lecture/workshop every Sunday from 9am-11am via Zoom or Google Meet (depending on class size)
  • Cost is $150 ($25 per class), half to be paid before the first day of class and the remainder by 10/4
  • Exclusively for writers of color. Please reach out to me if you have questions on what this means and if this applies to you.
  • All reading materials will be provided for you. You are expected to read the pieces provided and participate in class discussion.
  • Course is limited to 20 students

I will post information here on the next course offering. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.